Motivation to blog

If you have not noticed, there has been a bit of a slump in content recently. Long time readers will know this is nothing new, as this has happened before. However, this time the cause is a little bit different.

Previously, I have not published anything because I did not have the time to write or lacked content to write. This time around, it is lack of motivation. I do not have writer’s block. I have plenty of content to write, as I tweeted above. I know what I want to write, but I completely lack the motivation to do so. Every time I open up the WordPress Android app to write something, I end up staring at the screen for a few seconds, fixing a few typos, then closing it. For whatever reason, I am lacking encouragement to write. I want to write, but I just cannot seem to. There are things I want to tell, share, explain, but my disinterest exceeds my want right now. This has been going on almost literally since my last post last month. I am tired of not writing, but I cannot seem to break this chain.

Professional, well-known bloggers will tell you that consistency is key. By consistently publishing content and consistently interacting with your readers, you build up a relationship with them, making it less likely for people to forget you exist and no longer be a part of your audience. I agree with this reasoning, but when you lack motivation, what are you to do? I could always allow guest bloggers, but from what I can tell, I have neither the audience nor the popularity for it to be worthwhile. Would I explore such an avenue if I were asked about it? Certainly I would! Just who would want to do it?

Perhaps another reason for my lack of motivation is the level of quality I strive towards. I always try to bring you, my readers, the best possible content possible. In order to do that, I myself must learn and research.  I also try to make my posts interesting, easy to understand yet fully transmits my message. I also try to write on topics you may like, and I do that by writing on topics I would like to read. Combining all this, my posts can take up to two months to complete, from drafting to publish, and even then I may further revise it after publishing. Is it possible to cut down on my draft->publish time? Probably, but unless it was a very short and easy topic the quality would suffer, and I do not publish low-quality content.

That is why I have not been publishing much lately.  I do hope you will understand the situation, and I hope in the near-future I will find my motivation again and publish everything I want. 🙂



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