Google, I already hated you


This is a rant from October and November 2013. I was furious with Google and the deceptive tricks they pulled around that time in an attempt to force YouTube users to join their Google+ social media platform. This was my way of venting about the craziness they pulled. Since this writing, things have gotten better. I have not seen Google attempt such shady practices since then. However, I still do not use Google+. I let WordPress post messages that I have published a new post, but that is it.

I am publishing this rant almost as a record of Google’s actions and my feelings towards them and various Google products, many of which still apply. Feel free to mentally agree/disagree with me, but discussion is closed for this post. šŸ™‚

Google, I already hated you. You have already killed the Cosmic PandaĀ channels for the YouTube One “snowflake” which is actually less of a unique layout than Cosmic Panda (despite your constant vehement lies otherwise). You already stopped us from signing into YouTube using our user name. You already push Google Chrome like it’s the best unknown thing everywhere I look. You already bought, merged, and killed the awesome site known as Picnik. However, you are pushing my hatred for you to a new high lately. You have relentlessly bugged us for over a year now to join Google+, first as an option, later in trickery, and now as a mandatory and deceiving membership no matter what “option” I choose. First the No button is blue and on the left, then it is the white on the right, fooling many. Later the box is redesigned, and you perform this intentional lying multiple times; on the box layout, option wording, and button positions. Each time, you make the X to close the box more and more invisible. Every now and then you make it where I can not comment on even my own video without your “options” obstructing the page! Now you are giving me “new” options, both of which force me to join Google+. You are also updating your privacy policy to shove me, heels digging, into your social networking offering. Then there is your constant privacy issues with your AdSense network, your personalized search results, search, web, YouTube, Gmail, and any other services that keep a history. You hide the options to opt-out, and once I get out, a few months later I am somehow back in.

Now, I do enjoy a few of your services. YouTube is a major help for my interests, your search engine is great,Ā  and Android has been neat (for the most part). The rest of your offeringsā€¦ I do not care for. Gmail is not intriguing to me as competitors offer the exact same services as you (and scanning message contents to serve ads? Not cool!), Google+ is about as useful to me as a pile of mixed-sized nuts and bolts (and I do not want to join Facebook, much less G+), even if I had a credit card you would not know it, and allowing third-parties to preload pure junk apps on my WiFi-only Android device and not uninstall them is not first-class service (especially if said apps are first-party apps I can freely install at my will).

According to you, users come first in all you do. Correct, they do come first. The Google fanboy users, those who use your services no matter what. I was almost rejoicing when you sold SketchUp (which you previously bought) to Trimble, and again when Dropbox hired Guido van Rossum away from you.

“YES! One more product that is free from the grip of Google! :D”

The average YouTube user does not want to join Google+ and already has an email account (sometimes from another service). All they want to do is use your excellent YouTube service. Yet you continue to cripple YouTube by tying to it Google+ more and more. I get the point of using one account to access everything, but we could already do that. So why only now do you claim that is possible once you have firmly incorporated Google+ everywhere?

On November 6th, 2013, you forced me to join Google+. For that was the day you abruptly halted all YouTube users who had not linked their account to Google+ from commenting. After consulting your help documents and finally found what I wanted, I linked my account. Your computer system recorded a new convert to your social network. I made a few edits to my profile and went back to my life. You may have got me there by absolute choice, but rest assured you have not gained a new user to Google+. In fact, I will not be using it, not now, not later, never. My hatred for your crazed ideas, your brute-force attacks on making changes your users do not want, and your ever-growing monopoly has only grown stronger by this act.