A new triangle

I speak, of course, of my highly visible triangle logo/icon/thingy. What started out as a quick MS Paint graphic has over time evolved into my personal symbol, identifying anything with it as my own.

As any good marketing plan should do, sometimes a logo needs to be tweaked with corrections or to match current design trends. My triangle has changed nearly year since it was developed in 2012, oddly always occurring around April. It started out as the aforementioned MS Paint version:

Logo from 2012 to 2013

Ugly, I know. 😛

In 2013, it was revised using Blender and retraced as an SVG graphic. This version has become synonymous with identifying me or my work:

Logo from 2013 to 2015

However, there has always been some problems with my logo, problem’s present ever since it’s inception.

  1. It is too colorful. My intention was never to make you think “Check out all the colors, man!” upon seeing the triangle, yet that is exactly how it came across. I did tweak and eliminate some colors when it was remade in Blender, but it was still way too busy.
  2. It was not a good triangle shape. The original was drawn free-hand. As a result, the line are not straight and the triangles are not equally shaped. This was remedied somewhat with Blender, but they were still a bit off.

Wanting to correct these issues and make the triangle a bit more suitable for other media usage, back in April I set out on making the triangle from scratch in Inkscape. Using the built-in tools, I made a perfect 30-60-90 triangle, then using the LEGO-Bricklink brick colors with some adjustments, I ended up with the new triangle of Triangle717:

Logo from 2015 and onward

As you can see, this newly revised edition addresses the color and shape issues in addition to better fitting into the current design trends.

But it is still not identifiable when lacking color! Neither does it follow the Gestalt Principles for good logo design!

Yea, yea, I know. But look, it is not intended to be a professional logo or anything like that. As some people have “companies” to identify my work, so I have my triangle. 🙂

I am nearly done updating my online presence with the logo, so in no time soon you should be seeing this newly revised logo all around! 😀

Apologies for the lack of activity recently. I have content to write, but it is a matter of finishing it all to a state it can be published. 😛



Triangular Reactions

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