Where in the world is LEGO Island?

For years, one question has lingered in the minds of many LEGO fans, a seemingly simple question with an unresolved solution: “Where in the world is LEGO Island?”

For those who are not aware, LEGO Island is the very first computer game published by The LEGO Group, predating LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game by 8 years. For many older LEGO fans, LEGO Island is considered the LEGO video game, surpassing even TT Game’s latest offerings.

Just as we know where we individually live on the earth, kids, TFOLs, and AFOLs have wanted to know where LEGO Island is located in the vast universe we call space. Although this is a simple question, it has no definitive answer.

There are a few theories as to the whereabouts of our friends Nick and Laura Brick, Pepper Roni, The Infomaniac, and The Brickster. Some say it has no physical latitude and longitude coordinates, but instead represents a timeless location with a near-Utopian society. Unfortunately, philosophical answers portraying imaginary locations do not satisfy the inquiries for a physical location. One popular idea illustrates LEGO Island as a planet, while another says it is America.

The only substantial evidence available regarding the official position of the Island is this one image displayed during the game’s credits for a short time. Time and time again has this picture been subjected to strong scrutiny, and the conclusions drawn identify the geographical location of LEGO Island to the south of Bering Strait or even Florida, the latter of which is suggested by internal Island Xtreme Stunts references. However, neither of these findings completely satisfy everybody.

In June 2014, some really smart people from the Netherlands created a tool that allows limited (though more than previous tools) access to the game’s assets. Using this, access was gained to that very same image displayed in the credits.

Upon close examination with rioforce, it was discovered that rotating the image 180 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise revealed the true location of LEGO Island: off the coast of India.