4 years of Triangles!

Today is 13 of October, 2015. Today is a very special day, for today marks the four year anniversary of this blog! πŸ˜€ Well, actually yesterday marked the 4th anniversary, but I have never seemed to be able to get that date right, so one day late is close enough. πŸ˜›

It has been quite a four years. In four years I have published over 200 blog posts, nearly 40 tutorials, and received over 50,000 views. I have written on topics from Python and JavaScript code snippets to observations on ethics and code styles, analysis of behavior on the Internet and Internet Explorer’s problem with vector graphics, to lighthearted examination of paradoxes and blown lightbulbs. Yes, in four years I have done quite a lot, and despite my regularly irregular posting schedule and super long times without activity, I continue to gain readers and occasional comments from people who enjoyed an article or had something to add.

It has been a great four years and I look forward to the next four (and beyond) years. I may not still be using this domain and WordPress in four years, nor may my writings be the same as they are now in style or topic, but I do know I will continue to write on whatever topics I write on, for it is something I enjoy and hopefully you enjoy reading.

So thank you, my readers. Thank you for giving me the motivation I need to continue writing. Thank you for reading what I write and commenting on the article with your thoughts and questions. Without your support I would not be writing (and you not reading) this milestone post. πŸ™‚

Now to God be the glory for gifting me the knowledge, talent, and abilities to work and labor for His honor,



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