Adobe Island

Written by Triangle717 and JimbobJeffers
First published on Rock Raiders United on August 27th-30th, 2013, and on August 31, 2013

Received a new laptop today! Now I can set aside time to finish the Character Skinner.

Hooray! Does that mean you can now use the last non-subscription version of CS?

Yes, my brother has a copy of CS5.5 which hopefully extends to two computers, I’ll try installing that. FYI, I’m in no favour of the new cloud-based Adobe products.

Usually the Adobe software does extend to two computers. No need to FYI me. I could kinda tell you were against them. I’m against them too.

Let’s take ’em down, le. We’ll destroy every warehouse where they’re cloud systems are stored… MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hello, Nick? Yes, I’d like to report a break-in at the LEGO Island Data Center. It seems a new-comer to town has destroyed half of the servers, L.E.G.O Radio, L.E.G.O TV, and L.E.G.O Internet has been completely shutdown, half the residents are in fear, and a rumor is floating around that the Brickster had nothing to do with this.

“LEGO Island news reporting in. Officer Nick has just reported wide-spread catastrophe over LEGO Island. Bombs have detonated at every major Internet-connected building on the island, completely isolating the population from the outside universe. The Brickster is proven to have been safely locked in jail. Eye-witness accounts suggest that a large red-skinned cow and a Rock Raider were spotted at the LEGO Island Data Center shortly before the attack. More news coming shortly.”

“We interrupt this bulletin with more sports to reports on LEGO Island. Snap Lockitt, in an attempt to bring a bit of order to the sudden chaos, unexpected Rhoda Hogg to a Jet Ski race, where he was quickly beaten, coming in third place 2.5 minutes behind the shark. Clearly, this did nothing to calm everyone down. While the Brickster is confirmed to had nothing to do with the attacks, he took advantage of the disaster and challenged Studz Linkin, Nubby Stevens, and the Infomaniac to a game of head-ball, and encouraged all onlookers to root for their favorite player. This game quickly turned into rubble, however, from Nubby’s constant wondering about the bombing, the Infomaniac’s oddities, and Studz arguing with the Brickster about who would win. That’s all the sports to reports, and I’m Marty Snaps for Radio Sports, coming to you via megaphone in the LEGO Island Police Helicopter.”

*A citizen walks into the Infomaniac’s center* “Hello! Welcome to LEGO Island. If you select the red brick, you go. If you select the green brick, you stay. *Officer Nick barges through the doors* “DON’T PUSH THE RED BRICK! IT’S A -*

“This is another news report on the latest events at LEGO Island. A bomb just went off at the Infomaniac’s home, with a citizen and police officer inside. The glass from the roof shattered onto the ground and… Wait a minute… That wasn’t a bomb, it was a fireworks display!”
“The fireworks appear to be leaving a message. It reads… ‘Creative Cloud Sucks’. We’ll leave the detectives to figure that one out. This is your local news, signing out”

Perfect ending. Nobody ever knows who exactly wrecked the Data Center or why, it was decided to tear down the Center because it would cost too much to repair, a racetrack was built in it’s place, and L.E.G.O Radio resumes reporting from an undisclosed location. 🙂

But did Adobe get the message? Dun dun DUUUUUUUN!!!


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