The Fashion World Is Being Threatened!

Written by le717

First published on on March 15, 2012


Warning! An arrest warrant has been issued for a man by the name of Googly Dude. Googly Dude is charged with 4 counts of mismatched hair styles, 1 count of wearing nerdy eye-wear, and 3 counts of being a bad influence on minors. If you see Googly Dude anywhere around here, contact a local moderator or site admin at once and report his location. Take caution when going outside, and shield the eyes of all nearby minors if he is spotted. This man is highly hideous. Do not take any chances. An actual picture of Googly Dude is posted below.

We will bring you any updates just as soon as we get them.


A new report has just come in that a minor that goes by the name of #UglyBoy, who was wrongly influenced by Googly Dude, has surfaced, and is “sporting” the same ugly style as Googly Dude. #UglyBoy is trying to convince all minors that this look is cool, and people are listening to him. Exercise extreme caution whenever a minor goes outside, and if you spot #UglyBoy, immediately report him to a moderator or site admin. Googly Dude and #UglyBoy is considered a threat to fashion as we know it, and they must be stopped at all costs. An actual picture of #UglyBoy is posted below.

Again, we will update you just as soon as we get more info.


This is an update to a story we brought you yesterday. Two people, one named Googly Dude and a minor named #UglyBoy were wrecking havoc on the fashion world, trying to convince people to look ugly.

At first, it seemed as if they were succeeding, but local members quickly apprehended them and cleaned them up. Googly Dude admits that this whole thing started when he spilled some hair tonic on his head, and he had the crazy idea to make everybody look the same. #UglyBoy is Googly Dude’s son, and when he saw his Dad concocting this scheme, he naturally wanted to help.

The entire plan was developed over a time span of 2 weeks, and, it was shut down overnight. Both Googly Dude and #UglyBoy were found sleeping on a bench not 50 pixels from the Tutorial’s page. Both have 5 hours of Community Service to work off, after which they will be left alone. Thus, the fashion world is safe from the evil of ugliness.

le717 from reported this entire story.


Wow, what an imagination I had yesterday.. 😛


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