LDR Importer Version 1.1.5 – Standards

LDR Importer v1.1.5 was released today. Thanks to MinnieTheMoocher‘s sharp eye, this intermediate release’s change log is only artificially small. The patches that went into the changes were actually quite large. Thanks to MinnieTheMoocher, the entire library layout should be supported, including unofficial, p/48, and the new p/8 folders. In addition, support for high-res and low-res primitives are supported, again thanks to MinnieTheMoocher. It was these patches that brought LDR Importer in better compliance with the LDraw Parts Library that gained this release the codename Standards.

This is an intermediate release because the development team is planning on performing major refactoring on the script in v1.2, and MinnieTheMoocher’s reports pushed back those plans (for the better, mind you). As it stands right now, we should begin the process in February. The plan of action is still under development.

You can get the newest release from GitHub!



LDR Importer Version 1.1 – The Working Quartet

LDR Importer v1.1 has been released! 😀

If you are thinking to yourself

What is this LDR Importer project le717 is announcing?

I can completely explain (naturally :P). This project was previously known as Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer. However, with the recent release of Blender 2.69, the incoming Blender 2.7 series, and in order to comply with the LDraw System of Tools bylaws, it has been renamed to LDR Importer. 🙂

So what is new aside from the name?

Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer v1.0 – Banbury Edition

Long time readers may remember when I adopted a Blender 2.5 LDraw Importer script in October 2012 and began maintaining it to the best of my ability, finally posting it on GitHub. Those readers may all also remember how a new release was made after almost every release of Blender. While those releases were mainly bug fixes to remove old code from the 2.5 API, I did my best to sneak at least a small, non-bug fix in it.

The people who used the script will remember having to manually edit the Python script to set the path to their LDraw System of Tools installation and the many limitations it had, such as not fully supporting quads.

Both groups may notice that since I posted it on GitHub in January 2013, I have made no release, announcement, or even mention the script for 8 months, despite getting a bug report every now and then.

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