2 years of programming!

As of today, the 26th of January, I have been a programmer for two years! 😀

You may be thinking to yourself:

le717, two years is not a very long time. Two years is really only a beginner!

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Two years may not be a long time in terms of experience, but I have gained some experience in those years. It may not be much in terms of knowledge and wisdom, but I dare to say that I have gained both knowledge and wisdom in this two year’s time. I do think that in these two years of a life of code I have done very well, all because God has gifted me with these talents and abilities. Without Him, I would not be where I am right now. 😀

In case you were expecting some program release, update, or special thing I have written to celebrate, I must sadly inform you I have not done such a thing. 😦 In an attempt to make it up to you, have a nice song. 🙂

Here is to two whole years of programming, and may I continue to learn, grow, and experience more in code in the next years to come. 😀


P.S. Happy new year! I know, this is late coming, but this was the only post I had ready for the first of the new year. 😛


Triangle Land refresh & the future

I think I link this song every time I post about my future plans. Whatever, I like this song. 😛

P.S. If you are reading this on WordPress.com, you already know the big changes, but if you are reading any other way, you will need to come to my site. 😉

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Python – Normalize User Input

After remaining in drafting for over a year (initial draft was on 7 August, 2013), I have finished this new Python tutorial. There is a lot to be written about case normalization, both for the upsides and downsides, but it is generally agreed upon that user input should be normalized, or converted into such a form that any checks run on the input can be case-insensitive. This tutorial shows how you can do that and provides a through example of case normalization in action. No, just because I use the term “in action” does not mean it is your favorite or the newest theatrical action movie. 😛

Enjoy. 🙂


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Triangle Land on Google+

I know, I know. I dislike Google+ and social networkimg overall. However, I was forced to create one in order to keep my YouTube account late last year. Although I did create a profile just because, I have never really used it.

However, I have decided to make more use of it. From now on, all new blog posts are also displayed in my Google+ feed. Yes, I still dislike it and I will not be using it like Google wants me to or treat it like Facebook. Only my blog posts are going to be present. Do not expect me to answer any messages or join any circles or be in a hangout, I will flatly (and seemingly heartlessly 😛 ) reject, decline, and ignore them. That is why this post is called “Triangle Land on Google+”, not “Triangle717 on Google+”. I do not yet have a custom URL (you have to amass a whole 10 followers to get one and dump the super-long numerical URL, which for me is 21 characters long), and I do not expect to reach that “magic number” soon. Also, if you want to find all content from me, just use the hashtag (UGH!) #Triangle717. I have yet to decide if I will expand this to video uploads or not. Even if I do, I doubt I will post it here.



A Font By Any Other Name

Nearly ten years ago, there was a regular article in the monthly Focus On The Family Clubhouse Magazine for children entitled “Average Boy”. Written by Bob Smiley (“as told to Bob Smiley”), the article followed the adventures of Average Boy, a rather unaverage 12-year-old who always ended up in some sort of trouble, mischief, or amusing situation. In one installment, Average Boy talked about how he made the school basketball team. In this particular game, he managed to make a good shot. When he did this, the crowd went wild, boosting his self-confidence as a basketball player. At the end of the team, his teammates give him the nickname Benedict Arnold because he shot the ball in the opposing team’s basket. Ecstatic by this newly bestowed nickname, Average Boy writes “when I grow up, I want to become just as good a person as Benedict Arnold was!” Obviously the humor here is how he did not realize who Benedict Arnold was and the bad deed he did, but for all Average Boy knew, that might have been a great man!

“But le717, what does this have to do with fonts?”

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