LEGO LOCO Custom Music Tutorial

Table of Contents

LEGO LOCO uses a Microsoft signed 16 bit PCM WAV file for its only music file. Since any piece of music can be converted to WAV, this tutorial will not be that long nor too hard.


I will be using Audacity For Windows for this tutorial. However, you can use any audio editor you wish, as long as it exports to WAV. This tutorial can also be completed with the Mac OSX and Linux ports of Audacity, just with some minor menu name differences.

  1. Find any piece of music you want to convert and import it into Audacity.
  2. Go to File and click Export.
  3. Select “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” in the Save as Type area and export your music to a place you can find it.
  4. Browse to
    %ProgramFiles%\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\art-res\video</pre< (if you are running 32-bit Windows)
    %ProgramFiles(x86)%\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\art-res\video

    (if you are running 64-bit Windows)

  5. Rename the the music.wav file in that folder to something else (I put musicREAL.wav), then name your music "music" (without the quotes, of course :P)
  6. Launch LEGO LOCO, and listen to your music while on the home and start/join LAN game screens!



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