Replay Tutorials on a Preused Player Name

I sorta remember this from when I first had LOCO, and I know about it now: Whenever you use a name for the first time in LOCO, the tutorials play. But, if you use that name again, they will not come back up. You have to create a new name to see them and, since you used a new name, you will have to make a new town.

Well, not any more! I have found out how to reuse those names and get the tutorials to come up again!

First, go to wherever you installed LOCO, and go to the EXE folder. Open the LEGO.INI file in notepad.

You will see text that will look something like this:
//LEGO ini file

Res=C:\Program Files\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\ART-res
ResFile=C:\Program Files\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\ART-res\resource.rfh

Dir=C:\Program Files\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\Video\LocoIntr.avi


Do you see the ‘[TUTORIAL]” header? Delete every name, along with the numbers behind the name, that you want the tutorial to play on again.

Now, look under the “[CLIENT]” header. There will be a number. In this case the number is 6. I guess when you first install the game, that number is 0. Every time you use a name, that number goes up by one. That explains why the number is 6, and there are six names under the tutorial header. For every name you delete from under the Tutorial header, subtract that number from under the Client header. (If I were to delete 4 names, I would subtract 4 from the number, leaving it as 2.)

Now, load up LOCO, and type the name that you want back into the box. Press Enter, (or the green button. whichever one you choose.), and the tutorial will once again play!


If you delete the name from the INI file, but you built something on that name before you deleted it, the tutorials will play, but everything you built will still be there. I thought the way to fix it was to delete the .usr files in another folder, but I was wrong. There may be something in the registry that tells the game what you built. I have not looked, so I do not know.

And that is how to make the tutorials to play on a name that you have already used in LEGO LOCO!


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