Activate Racers Windowed Mode

LEGO Racers has a built-in windowed mode, meaning you can play non-full screen and have a chat or website open to the side. However, it is a bit tricky to set up. In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to successfully activate the LEGO Racers windowed mode.

In order in activate windowed mode, you have to set Windows to use 16-bit bit depth (sometimes known as bit mode or color depth). However, this is hard to near impossible to activate in Windows itself, especially in newer versions of Windows. Therefore, we are using a third-party application called QRes to perform this action. This method has been successfully tested on Windows XP through Windows 7. 😉 QRes does not work properly on Windows 8.x, so users of that operating system will have to hold off until a equivalent method is found. Sorry about that! 😦

Software Needed

  • LEGO Racers
  • QRes Source Code Zip Archive Do not get the exe installer due to the lack of 64-bit Windows support!
  • The batch (.bat) script from this tutorial


  1. Locate your LEGO Racers installation in Windows Explorer, but do not close the window until later. By default on 32-bit Windows, this path is
    C:\Program Files\LEGO Games\LEGO Racers

    while on 64-bit Windows it is

    C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Games\LEGO Racers

    Your path may be different depending on where you installed the game.

  2. Extract QRes, copy the contents of the qres-src1097\qrescd\sample-cd\qres folder and paste it in a relativity permanent spot, such as C:\Program Files\QRes.
  3. Open Notepad or Notepad++ and copy the contents of the following batch script:
    @echo off
    rem Set the location to QRes here,
    rem you do not need to wrap it in quotes
    set PathtoQRes=C:\Program Files\QRes
    rem Temporarily append QRes to the system PATH
    set PATH=%PathtoQRes%;%PATH%
    rem Run QRes with the 16-bit color and restore parameters
    qres.exe c=16 /R
    rem Finally, we run Racers using the -window parameter
    LEGORacers.exe -window
  4. Change the value of PathtoQRes the actual location to QRes. There is no need to surround the path in double quotes.This batch script automatically and temporarily appends PathtoQRes to your system PATH, which is the most reliable way to make this work. The magic here is in -window, c=16, and /R, the first being a LEGO Racers parameter that activates windowed mode and the last two are QRes parameters which activate 16-bit color depth and restore the configuration when you close the game, respectively.
  5. Save the script with a .bat extension under any file name and move it to your LEGO Racers installation, the folder that contains LEGORacers.exe.
  6. Run your batch script. If nothing happens, setting QRes to run with Administrator privileges can help. Otherwise you will need to approve a UAC box and LEGO Racers will load in windowed mode! 😀 Go ahead and make a shortcut to your batch script, saving it wherever you want, your Desktop, Start menu/screen, Quick Launch, any place you can easily access it. You can even change it’s icon to visually remind you what it goes to.

The End!

Special thanks to JrMasterModelBuilder for the batch script. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Activate Racers Windowed Mode

  1. actually, you dont even need qres. if you open the folder that contains the application and write the following .bat script:
    LEGORacers.exe -window
    it performs the task. also, i would reccomend using the -alphatrans command
    so, overall, it would look like:
    LEGORacers.exe -window -alphatrans

    what alphatrans does is forces textures transparency, which resolves a few glitches in the game if you are using a more modern computer.

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