LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Music Tutorial

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History Tutorial Video


I received LEGO® Racers 2 from a friend on October 17, 2011, who said that I should play it. The morning of October 18, I installed the game on a computer. That afternoon, I was ready to have some fun. But not in the way LEGO would want me. They would want me to race, build a car and minifig, and try to beat Rocket Racer. But I had some other kind of fun in mind: modding the music.

The music in the game files have numbers as extensions (.1, .2, .3 etc.). But, I had done my homework. I had found out that the files were only .WAV files with a different extension (just like the LEGO® Racers music).

I ran the main menu music through FFmpeg, and it told me exactly the file format, the codec, and the hertz. I then loaded a piece of music into Audacity (my favorite audio editor/converter), and sure enough, it imported. But this story is not over yet.

After a couple of failed tries to change the music, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was converting the music into the right format, but I had the hertz wrong. Unlike LR, LR2 does not even play the music if it is wrong. LR plays it, but it does it either really slow or really fast (depending on the hertz).

I re-sampled the music and converted it, and after a file name mix-up, I had done it. I had modded the music for LEGO® Racers 2!

“Jumping up and down on the alligator” 😛


I am using the newest version of Audacity for Windows for this tutorial. The steps should be similar on the Mac OS X and Linux ports You can use a different audio editor if you wish, Audacity is just what I use.

  1. Find a piece of music that want in-game and import it into Audacity.
  2. Look in the bottom left-hand corner of the Audacity window for a box that says Project Rate (Hz), and change it to 22050.
  3. Select the entire audio (Ctrl+A) and click Tracks>Resample, and resample to 22050.

  4. When that is done, click File>Export and select Other uncompressed files from the Save as type box.
  5. Click Options in the same box as above, and in the resulting box, choose WAV (Microsoft) from the Header menu.
  6. In the same box, in the Encoding area, select Microsoft ADPCM
  7. Click OK, & Save.
  8. Open where you installed LR2, and go to the game data\music folder.
  9. Consulting readme.txt file in the folder which the developers so lazily left, locate the piece(s) of music that you want to change, and rename the music in the folder to something so you know what it is (I use a variety of text that I append to the file name).
  10. Copy you custom music to the game files, (if you did not export the music there) and rename it the correct name (menu.1 for example).
  11. Launch LR2, and enjoy the custom music!

“Riding up and down the elevator” 😛


Initial Music Modding

YouTube user Rocket9964‘s LR2 music modding.

Turn Down Your Speakers!

Rocket9964 advices all watchers to turn down your speakers before clicking play. Her music modding came out much louder than she wished. I recommend doing what she says, especially if you are using headphones, for the sake of your hearing. 😛


“Hey guys! Look! It’s not the walls, it’s the elevator!”


22 thoughts on “LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Music Tutorial

    1. Hey Ben! Yes, I’ve been pretty busy lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped using this site! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a major site update, and if you click the Blog button in the NavBar, you’ll see all that I’ve been up too.

      Did I forget to reply to a comment or problem you had? Where is it, I’ll answer it the best I can!

      I listened to the song. It’s nice! And you say you used it for the LR2 menu? I’m not sure how Rocket Racers feels about that! 😛

      Did you ever get LR2 installed on your non-XP computer? I’ve got something that may help you get it installed if you need it. 😉

      1. lol, I haven’t yet, and if I got you upset, please excuse me :p whoa, It seems like I’ve been bugging you a lot, you haven’t heard from anybody else yet =D

    1. I don’t exactly know what you are referring to. What is the Changed Character Builder? You mean where you can race as someone else (example: Rocket Racer) that you normally can’t race with?

  1. I will show ya, Its like, well, I realy don’t know exactly how to pronounc it right, I will just put the video up.

  2. for all this time, you might thing I already said this already evon ya know I did, but, I’ve got it to work, no peaping sounds or anything. I’m gona contuinue doing that. Say, ya want me to show ya on how to hack the movies on LR2. its up to you.

  3. I think I know the problem, I have a LR2 Backup folder and I put things intheir so I wont loose my things when ever I want to hack or maby modd the music, well what I’m trying to say is, I havent been putting the REAL songs in that backup folder, ya think thats the problem.

    1. I have the video above this-thing i’m typing, remember, this is the music modding problem I’v got

  4. I hate to bug ya at the wrong time, I got it to work but the problem is that I keep on hearing these beeping noises.

    1. Bug me? What bug? You’re not bugging me! I’m actually glad you commented! It lets me know that somebody is reading my blog! 😀

      First, I’m sorry I never got back to you on this matter. I’ve been pretty busy, and I haven’t been able to update the tutorial. But I’m glad you got it working!

      Beeping noises, eh? What OS do you run, Windows XP, perhaps? I’ve had a glitch where the music skipped when I played on XP, and I did a quick little video of it here. But that isn’t custom music. Are you having trouble with the custom music or the official music? If it’s custom, you might have converted your audio incorrectly, and you should try converting it again. Or, if you have a YouTube channel, you could record a video of it (use Gregion. It works on LR2), and link it back here. That will help me a lot more than just text. (Pardon the messy tutorial page, I’m in the middle of fixing that. The links in the chart don’t work (yet), so you’ll have to hit Page Up and Down to get around it. ;))

    1. I’m sorry buddy. I will try to revise my tutorial a little to make it easier. I have to update some links anyway, so I’ll try to do it then. 😉

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