LEGO Racers 2 Custom Sound FX Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make custom sound effects (SFX) in LEGO® Racers 2 or LEGO® Drome Racers. This tutorial is very easy, and will not take more than 10 minutes. Do note this following steps recreate the original audio format exactly. It may be possible that certain steps are not required.


  • LEGO® Racers 2 or LEGO® Drome Racers, since this tutorial works in both. However, I will be using LEGO® Racers 2 for the tutorial.
  • UNGTC for extracting/compressing GAMEDATA.GTC
  • The newest release of Audacity (I am doing these steps on Windows, other platforms should be similar). You can use any other audio editor as long as it supports the required file format.
  • List of sound file names you want to change. I am going to be modding the files SELECT.AIF and HORIZONT.AIF, located at GAME DATA\SOUNDS\FRONT END
  • Some sounds to serve as replacements for the originals. I am using the Windows 8 sounds tada.wav and chord.wav from %WinDir%\Media

Got all the items? Good, let’s get started!


  1. Extract GAMEDATA.GTC using UNGTC and browse to the GAME DATA\SOUNDS\FRONT END directory when it is done. I recommend making a new folder entitled Vanilla Files (“Vanilla” meaning clean, unedited), moving GAMEDATA.GTC, COMPRESS.INF, and FILELIST.INF into it in addition to copying the newly extracted files into it as a backup. You will have to move the first three files to a different place to recompress anyway, so now is a good time to go ahead and do that.
  2. While that is going on (or if you have done it already), open Audacity, and import the audio. In this image I have imported tada.wav.

    • For this step, you get to choose which action to take. The original game SFX uses 22050 Hz audio, but it has been found to support 44100 Hz audio, which allows for your sounds to be of higher quality. If you want to recreate the original audio exactly or your audio is not already 22050 or 44100 Hz, follow the steps below, substituting your desired value. Otherwise, if your audio is already in one of those frequencies, skip down to step 4.

    • Change the Project Hertz (Hz) dropdown menu from 44100 to 22050.
      Select all your audio (<Ctrl + a>), go to Tracks>Resample, select 22050 in the resulting dialog, and press OK.

  3. With all the audio still selected, select Tracks>Stereo Track to Mono. This is an important step! The game will crash if you attempt to use Stereo audio.

  4. You may need to turn up the volume of the SFX a tad depending on the volume of the audio. Do this by moving the arrow in the track settings on the left toward the plus sign. For tada.wav, I needed to turn it up nine (+9) dB.

  5. With the audio attributes in place, click File>Export.
  6. Select AIFF (Apple) signed 16 bit PCM from the Save as type: dropdown menu, and name the audio according to the original file name (in this case, SELECT.AIF), giving it the .AIF extension. Save it to your Desktop, or other easy-to-access location. You will get a box asking if you really want to save using that particular extension. Click Yes. This happens because AIFF audio is usually saved with the .aiff extension instead of .AIF. 😉

  7. Either rename the original audio files in GAME DATA (what a coincidence LEGO® Racers uses the same folder name but without the space…) to something that helps you identify it is an original file (SELECT.original.AIF, for example) then copy/move the new files in its place, or you could have exported straight to Program Files. I usually copy/move to bypass Administrator rights errors and have a “holding pen” if I can’t test the mod right then.
  8. Repeat steps 4 – 9 for HORIZONT.AIF
  9. Finally, recompile your GTC. If all went well, you have successfully created your very own LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Sound FX mod! 😀

Going up!


Both the proof-of-concept video for this tutorial and very first SFX mod for this game.

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9 thoughts on “LEGO Racers 2 Custom Sound FX Tutorial

  1. This is something completely different…I found…I should say took Sound FX from Drome Racers (Same File and Everything) and when I copied the Sounds that have the same name as the Lr2 sounds (321 and GO) they didn’t work…I don’t understand, I noticed another gtc file called .GTC, do I have to extract that?

    1. 1. Did you recompress your GTC after adding the files? You must do that for any mods to take effect. Start by making a new folder and move the original GTC and INF files into then. Then tell UNGTC to compress the GAMEDATA folder (the one with the .GTC file in it, so the folder path to give UNGTC should look something like C:\Program Files\LEGO Racers 2\GAMEDATA) and run the game. It should work this time, as both Drome Racers and LR2 use the same format for audio and Sound FX. Remember, you must recompress the GTC every time. Make sure you remove the modded GTC and INF files every time before making an new compression. UNGTC doesn’t do that for you.

      2. The .GTC file is not an archive. It is created by UNGTC to find it if it needs to make a DR or LR2 archive. They are similar, but not the same. But sure to never delete it!

  2. I’m trying to find a GTC extractor on Google and I can’t seem to find one any ware. I’ve been asking jamessterV2 for an extractor for 4 days now, and I got nothing. not mad or anything :p just wandering

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